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Leanan Sidhe over Feairy Love

Leanan Sidhe
Manx: Lhiannon-Shee
Ir.: "fairy sweetheart" or "fairy mistress"
A spirit--male or female--who is the lover of a mortal. Usually, the spirit is depicted as a woman. In Manx folklore, she (or he) is a vampiric spirit, sucking the lifeforce out of her (or his) lovers.
In Irish folklore, she is a muse of poetry, but a dangerous one--those who devote themselves to her live a short but glorious life. William Butler Yeats saw the leanan sidhe as the Dark Muse, an artistic succubus, giving creative gifts in exchange for the artist's life:
"Most of the Gaelic poets, down to quite recent times, have had a Leanhaun Shee, for she gives inspiration to her slaves and is indeed the Gaelic muse — this malignant fairy. Her lovers, the Gaelic poets, died young. She grew restless and carried them away to other worlds, for death does not destroy her power."
--W.B. Yeats, Fairy and Folk Tales of Ireland.
This, of course, is a well-known concept of the artist who dies young, often tragically: John KeatsKurt Cobain; or who goes mad later in life (not unlike Yeats).
(Yeats' definition may have been just a bit influenced by his real-life museMaude Gonne.)
The idea of the dangerous fairy lover is also seen in later ballads such as "Tam Lin" or "Thomas the Rhymer." Particularly relevant is the story of Thomas the Rhymer, who reportedly gained his gift of prophecy from being the lover of the Queen of Elfland.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Afraid to use Ár nDraíocht Féin ?

Ancient Irish and Welsh Druids / Bards use of Rosc - Roscanna and Conjure or 
Ár nDraíocht Féin is  (Our Druid Magick) is well documented in our seanchaidhthe. Ref 1

 As a Un-Reformed Techno-Druid, I follow our ancient ways without apology or need of others approval. This really what being a Druid is all about.  Ref 3

>> In a poem of Taliessin, translated by Davies, in his Appendix No. 6, is the following enumeration of a Druid's titles:---

"I am a Druid; I am an architect; I am a prophet; I am a serpent" (Gnadr).From the word "Gnadr" is derived "adder," the name of a species of snake. Gnadr was probably pronounced like "adder" with a nasal aspirate.<< Ref 2

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Can you change your past?

I have always felt the Multi-verse was true and often traveled to what some call parallel worlds in Dream or Astral state. 

As certain physical characteristics held true over many years yet were different in minor or major ways then the Now I live in. This has allowed me to understand that they are somewhat parallel yet not the same as the now.

I have also felt that knowledge or skills learned in one world could and do bled over to another one and can be used.

What seems proof of this is how often people with a poor education or background often make up a much better one for themselves., 

Yes this lie may help a bit in social world but it seems like those that do it often exhibit behavior that would be hard to minic without the new false background being true.

So how is this possible? I see two ways both depend on being able to tap into skills in a different world.

1) They somehow subconsciously create a new timeline in which they are really better off than they were in this one. As it is a new timeline it is possible to create it and have in mature almost immediately There by allowing the tapping of any our all age learned skills at once.

2) By wanting and needing a better past the subconscious goes out and finds a timeline where they have one. Again tapping into the skills and experiences of that timeline.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Deosil or Widdershins Witch Way to Turn

In DruiDo Magick or Conjure witch way to turn ?

Deosil (“jes-l”) - To move clockwise.

Widdershins - To move counter-clockwise.

In Ireland moving Left  >  This gained its sinister associations only after the coming of Christianity; in pagan times rightward motion symbolized "opening" (growth, harvest, greeting, increase in wealth, etc), while leftward motion symbolized "closing" (binding, secrets, returning to source, protection, enclosing and thus capturing an enemy, etc)

There is also the Irish Sunwise or East to West / Clockwise for all good or lucky things.

This is not to be confused with the "Three Paths" (Sun, Moon, Earth)

In some Magick certain things are done East to West from Sunrise to Sunset and West to East Sunset to Sunrise, but this is a advanced work, that few know or follow.

Traditional direction for working "building" magick. As opposed to WIDDERSHINS - counter clock wise. Used for "tearing down" OR BANISHING magick.

Note this is wrong for the Northern Hemisphere and should be revised to match Vortex / whirlpool flow patterns.

 In Norther Hemisphere whirlpools spin  widdershins .

Authur July 2014 note CCW movement.

While in Southern Hemisphere they spin  deosil .

In both cases drawing materials or energy inward. So to draw in in Northern Hemisphere move Widdershins.

To expel remove or reject in Northern Hemisphere move deosil.

Unless one is taping into the common believe systems of others like in a Public Ritual or Ceremony, as it will buck the expected belief systems of most people there.

TDK / The Druid King

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Prism Witch

Is a term "I coined" to describe what I believe all Natural (born) Witches are and do.

As you know there is no such thing as White Light , Yet humans perceive white when there is a certain balance of other wavelengths /frequencies of photonic energy.

And a Prism sorts out this mix of colors and lets us see what is really there.

This is also what a (I believe) true witch does with the magick energies of life that are hidden or disguised forces. Using what ever color or energy is needed for task at hand.

Not a White (fooled) Witch or a Dark (missing much of life)  or a Gray (flipping back and forth between extreams) Witch. But a Prism Witch knowing all, seeing all using All.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Druidic Seeds of D. H. R.

While well passed witching hour I find myself collecting rare seeds of Death.

Why rare, as I have haunted this area for over forty years yet this is first time they have come to my attention.

Why seeds of Death, there ate many wild animals and birds here. Yet nothing touches these bright red soft covered shining black seeds The thin red skin comes off wet in the hand and just has the feeling of poisons bright dress. The hard black seed is a little larger than a navy bean. And if maintains shine and hardness as it drys will make a nice HooDoo charm.

As of yet I know not their Species but they speak to me loudly of D. H. R. The three principles of a Druid's Way on the Ley.


Death, few think of death when looking at a seed. Yet it is the manifestation of accepting the reality of Death that brings a seed to be.  This should be the first Principle of the Druidic way. Accepting Death leads to true freedom of life.


Hope, yes there is the hope that Life Gaia goes on for ever and this hope is blessed into each seed.
This is the Druid's second principle and also our main responsibility a we walk in the Flesh. Keep hope alive and it way possible for all things, small or great.


Regeneration, yes for both animal, plant, insect and man. There is  the means and method for this to take place. For the Druid Regeneration is more than just passing on another generation, it is the Temple of the Souls Reincarnation into Gaia Future. Our Duty to share this fact of Summerland to all that wish to learn or be free from love's death lost.

So yes a simple seed holds the Druid's Egg of truth and their wisdom and duty bound.  This is found not in Temple Glass and Stone >

But on the ground in simple dirt a long ago broken bone. Where live anew will again find its home.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Spell Kits

Like to Spell or Conjure via a Kit?

The Cosmic Salamander carry many low cost pre-made kits for basic needs.

We can also make up one just for your special needs with instructions too. Just ask us and we will give you a range of options to chose from.

These custom kits include a remote Psychic Reading of your personal situation to determine the best course of actions for you and type of work needed.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Druid Curses - Madman's wisp

Egg of Madness  Puffball ???

The story of ancient Irish civilization; by P. W. Joyce (1907) *
madman's wisp
>> They had the reputation of being mighty magicians, and could do many wonderful things, as our old romantic stories tell, and as the people firmly believed. They could raise a druidical or magic fog, which hid things from view, or bring on darkness in the day, like the blackest night; they could bring down showers of fire or blood, cause a snowfall even in summer, till the ground was covered half a yard deep ; and bring on storms and tempests on sea or land. They could drive a man mad by their sorcery— a power which was dreaded most of all by the people in general. For this purpose the druid prepared what was called a 'madman's wisp/ that is, a little wisp of straw or grass, into which he pronounced some foul, baleful verses ; and, watching his opportunity, he flung it into the face of the poor victim, who straightway became a madman, or, what was just as bad, an idiot — all beyond cure. <<
What are your thoughts on this ?

Perhaps of Interest ?
Notes at end .
>>2. puffball: The Sanas Chormaic gives the definition as "Bolg belce: i.e. "bél-céo" a mist cloud comes out of its mouth". It is probably some sort of fungus.<<

Here is a similar modern story of such dust.

The Scariest Drug You Don’t Know About. “The Devil’s Breath”
The most evil drug in the world comes from Columbia in the form of a powerful psychedelic that turns its victims into zombies.
Scopolamine has become known as “Devil’s Breath” because it reportedly is being turned into a fine powder and blown into the faces of strangers, whereupon it takes away the victim’s will power and subjects him or her to abuse, robbery and worse.
The psychedelic is not used recreationally because its effects are very unpleasant.  Instead of pleasantly tripping out, the victim ends up with dry mouth, nausea, sometimes vomiting and even death.<< 

The drug, called scopolamine, also known as ‘The Devil’s Breath,' is derived from a particular type of tree common in Colombia called the Borrachero tree.
The word "borrachero," which roughly translates to "get-you-drunk," grows wild in Bogota,Colombia.
This tree which naturally produces scopolamine is so famous in the countryside that mothers warn their children not to fall asleep below its cunningly beautiful yellow and white flowers.
"We probably should put some sort of fence up," jokes biologist Gustavo Morales at Bogota's botanical gardens to Reuters, eyeing children playing with borrachero seeds everywhere. The pollen alone is said to conjure up strange dreams.
And when extracted and made into a colorless, odorless and tasteless powder, scopolamine does more than induce strange dreams. Quickly dissolved in liquids, criminals slip the powder into drinks or sprinkle it on food. Reuters states that victims become so docile that they have been known to help thieves rob their homes and empty their bank accounts. Women have been drugged repeatedly over days and gang-raped or rented out as prostitutes.
It was stories like these that initially made VICE News Correspondent Ryan Duffy pretty excited to travel to Bogota, Colombia.
"I had only a vague understanding of [scopolamine], but the idea of a substance that renders a person incapable of exercising free-will seemed liked a recipe for hilarity and the YouTube hall of fame," Duffy writes.

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