Saturday, November 24, 2018

Voudou HooDoo Links

A Ancestral Service  Very nice stuff )

Chola's river-  This is a discussion forum.  I was given the honor to moderate the Vodou section of the board.  It has sections on Lukumi, Yoruba, Palo, and much more.  Mama Chola Congo, the creator of the board, is an extremely nice and very caring individual.  Honor to her!

The different paths

Trolldom info Nodic Folk magick

Sanse: Free lessons

Learn more about the Sanse Tradition and get to read more great articles on Spirituality, Religion, Psychic and Mediumship development and more at my blog at very good
List of all Lwa and their Families have saved under Vodou Lwa Good saved saved very good

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