Sunday, March 27, 2016

Waking the Blessings Row Ritual

Walking the Blessings Row:

This is a full moon cycle ritual, 28 days but can be shorted to one if need be or is not in a farming like homestead or area / tribe / community environment.

While I use Druidic 
Draíocht reference in this ritual, I will just say its source of inspiration  or authurity is, UPG /Awen and personal experiences with a large dose of understanding certain technical aspects of Draíocht or Magick (yes I use K version like the Great Beast A.C.) 

While I am writing this ritual for a group of people, you may just modify it for one family or single individual.

Background: Working the rows and walking the spaces between them brings visions back breaking work, plowing, seeding, hoeing, weeding and picking the scared blessing of food.

But I am proposing another kind of kinder walk, filled with love, healing and sharing with the land and crops to yet come up or to to better them, as the Blessing Walk can be in an any or many phases of the land and crops cycles.


The "Walking the Blessings Row Ritual"

1) The Finding:
If possible start on a full moon and have everyone seek out the best loom or topsoil that they can find each day till the start of new Moon.

2) The Gathering:
On the start of New Moon if Possible. Gatherer a hand full  or perhaps quart or so (depends or size of area to be blesses and number of people helping) of
the best loom /soil or finished output of mulching pile. If urban a bag of best top soil will do and take a bit out each night.

*( Not fertilizer), if using store bought open bag and if you can leave outside to gather Sun , Moon and Rain for you Loom / Top Soil source.

*( From here on gathered / Loom / Top Soil will be refereed to as the "Offering"

This process should continue till night of New Moon.

3) Each family / individual should have a container big enough to get your hands in it and mix offering. This should be keep inside home or outside with a good cover / lid.

4) For first have of 28 day cycle (if using full Moon cycle) otherwise, it can be reduced to say three days before full Moon.

4a) Each night you will add more soil / loom to offering, mix with hands and Bless, drain days's energy into it via your hands into offering. (yes they will get dirty).

4b) Each morning again using hands bless and give the collected offering the feeling of Morning Sun on happy Sun gathering plants.

4c) Each night give the energy of Moon and happy plant growth pushing up from its roots to get the day's Sun coming soon.

5) The Gathering:
On the night before the Full Moon, all the Offerings should be brought to one place and mixed together again with energy blessing and LOVE.

6) The Blessing Row Walk. While this will vary widely depending of size of area to be blessed and number of  people doing blessing.

6a) Bring whole Mixed Offering to Field to be blessed (or your garden area or just pots).

6b) Have all there Give a final blessing to the Offering, either in a group lead circle around it or each coming up and touching it giving their own blessing (Verbal or  Silent).

7) The Casting:
Have each person take a coup / basket or bag of the offering. And with eldest first to youngest last. Form a line and start the Blessings Row Walk. The first in line will cast out little by little their share of the offering (remember this is not like a Fertilizer but a Energizer, so a little goes a long way. When the caster at head of line is out, they should slip back to ehe end or back to start (to rest if needed). And the next person takes over casting out their share of the offering, till the whole field or area is done.


Blessing Energies:
Here refer to various visualizations and one's own "Soul - Lifeforce / Draíocht / Chi - collected Prana Energies"
Chi:Is a Chinese word meaning aliveness, life forceenergy or life breath. - also known as Ki, Qi or Prana. The Definition of Chi: "Theories of traditional Chinese medicine assert that the body has natural patterns of qi associated with it that circulate in channels called meridians in English.
Draíocht: One of the three primary {Druidic} arts, the word is used to refer to what we would now called "magick" (in both the simple and the ritual sense). It means "the use of powers to effect ends." Spell-casting, the use of evocations and invocations, the practice of chanting, circle dancing (intended to bring about a particular end) and other arts are all considered disciplines of draíocht. 

Gods and Goddess:
Honoring or Invoking none any, I leave up to you. Remember the Offering is charged with your own Life Energies already.

Singing and Chants:

These I leave up to you and your own ways and what you are growing in the fields or gardens.